Friday, November 26, 2004

First In, Not Exactly Last Out... Crank Up "Timeline"!

One of the reasons I get to work so damn early is so I can listen to stuff I want to listen to.

Basically, I'm a soundtrack geek(ish). You don't hear much about them because it's the kind of thing that society doesn't indulge much, not the way they indulge sports freaks (no offence - some of my best friends...). Soundtrack fans are pretty much down there with fans of "cult" series, except that you're unlikely to find anyone determined to adopt a Goldsmithian ponytail or grow a Christopher Young-type beard.

Not that I don't enjoy listening to stuff the rest of the world likes, but I'd really much rather download the theme from The Iron Horse (and I have) than listen to The Streets or whatever; the trouble is, pretty much no one at work goes along with this, so every day I take a different CD to work and play it before anyone else comes in. Oh, I did try to play them with others around, but the tossers never got it (Marco Beltrami's Scream didn't go down well)... and why do they always assume you have Titanic? For the record, no I don't - I loved the movie, but James Horner's music has been done before by him. If you want good Titanic-linked music, check out Raise the Titanic! (And no, you can't buy the OST because John Barry's music was never released, although there's a re-recording available.) Even when I brought in the programme from Jerry Goldsmith's 75th birthday concert earlier this year, it didn't escape my notice that they commented more on his being Jewish. (I was off work on holiday the week he passed away - one of a shocking number of composers to leave us this year [Fred Karlin, David Raksin, Piero Picconi, Elmer Bernstein, Gil Melle, Michel Colombier, Carlo Rustichelli...] - and I doubt they commented when it was on the news. In fact, I doubt they even heard the news - probably too busy talking about bloody EastEnders and fucking Coronation Street...)

I guess I like the stuff because it's right between stuff everyone's heard of and stuff no one's heard; it's not exactly mainstream, but neither is it truly out-of-the-way. And also, a lot of it's damned good... of course a lot of it stinks, but what else is new? I regret taking my big sister's advice and taping a lot of other stuff in the 1990s - now I've got a lot of tapes with stuff I have to fast-forward. People just don't get it. Ah well, you can keep your Embraces and your Coldplays and your Christina Aguileras; I've got my scores and themes, and we're all happy.

Oh yeah, and the Timeline in question is Goldsmith's unused score, not the Brian Tyler replacement (which is good in its own ways).

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Hater said...

I really do admire people like you with unique tastes who actually don't let the mainstream dictate what they listen to.
As for me, the only soundtracks you're likely to find me listening to are "Waiting to Exhale" or "Bad Boys II" or "The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps" or the like.