Monday, July 16, 2012

The Music From The Films Of Jessica Alba Post.

This series of posts has a problem, in that I'm restricted to only including music that's been commercially released... which is really annoying in the case of the wondrous Jessica Alba. It means that the terrific themes from the '90s Flipper (there were two) are off-limits, as are David Newman's score for Never Been Kissed, Joel McNeely's work on Dark Angel (although the opening ditty gets a look-in, even if the only episode of either season to give it a respectable airing is "Love Among The Runes") and - less regrettably, it has to be said - anything from Robert Rodriguez's Machete. But do not think the Alba's most frequent collaborator will go unrepresented...

1. Idle Hands Theme - Graeme Revell (3:05)
2. Dark Angel Theme - Public Enemy and MC Lyte (3:07)
3. Sin City End Titles - Robert Rodriguez (3:16)
4. Fantastic Proposal (from Fantastic Four) - John Ottman (2:17)*
5. Four In One (from Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer) - John Ottman (3:04)
6. Rain (from The Eye) - Marco Beltrami (2:42)
7. Guru Vindaloo (from The Love Guru) - George S. Clinton (2:55)
8. Valentine's Day (from Valentine's Day) - John Debney (2:32)
9. Enemas, MIG Fighter and Andi Garcia (from Little Fockers) - Stephen Trask (1:07)
10. Spy Mom (from Spy Kids: All The Time In The World) - Carl Thiel and Robert Rodriguez (2:29)

To make up for the latter two, here are two videos.

Hopefully the next one in the series won't have these problems...

*Technically this comes from both films, as it was tracked into the sequel as well.

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