Friday, March 27, 2009

The A Picture's Worth A Thousand Bloggings Post.

The above shot from Cindy's Allure spread is undoubtedly the Battle of Helms' Deep of said spread, based on reaction on the 'Net. I can't imagine why.

About the only really negative aspect of it is the "MILFs > 20-year-olds!" crowd, which is a bit unfair. Don't get me wrong, Cindy's claim that she looks "pretty good for 43" is an understatement (and combined with early reviews of MTV's new House of Style unfavourably comparing new host Bar Refaeli with her, this must be a great week for Cindy's sense of self)... but while Cindy is definitely more attractive than loads of women younger than her, she's also more attractive than loads of women her own age and older. Cindy Crawford's always been a load more fetching than the norm, so in a sense this is business as usual. Making it probably the only time that one of my fantasy women being pictured naked and creamed up (not the first dream-come-true musing this has brought up) can be described as "business as usual."

The point is, as fine as 40-plus women like Cindy, Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston are this doesn't mean ladies an even longer way from Freedom Passes should be knocked. Besides, back when Cindy was in her 20s you can be assured she was on the receiving end of the same "older is better" treatment... my view is, everybody was younger once. (Plus there's always a time limit, but that bridge can be crossed when we come to it.) That said, would Scarlett Johansson have gotten such a reaction in a similar situation?

Quite possibly.

But would Agyness Deyn?

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