Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Two Friends Discussing Hayden Panettiere And Vanessa Hudgens Post.

Cindylover1969: At last I can Google Hayden Panettiere again! I was holding off until I saw the end of volume 3... :)
Wrestlingmonkeyz: oh?
Me: Searching for her tends to bring up Heroes spoilers.
Him: aah. how do you know Chapter 4 spoilers wont come up
Me: Shit. Good point... (turns off bold). I didn't think of that. That's a bridge I'll cross when I come to it. Besides, it's not until February.
Him: my roommate met Hayden a couple weeks ago
Me: WHAT?!? Go on!
Him: she was doing a Kohl's event and he was her bodyguard
Me: Oh yeah, I saw the pictures... how was she?
Him: from what he says she was every bit as nice of a girl as we believe she is
Me: That goes with most accounts, thankfully. :) : I don't even mind her tattoo or the fact that she smokes (allegedly).
Him: well the tattoo is no prob, but I havent seen her smoking so I cant verify. unlike Vanessa Hudgens
Me: That's not a dealbreaker in her case either.
Him: its close though
Me: It's not like they're Republicans. Or Catden.
Him: lol. I'd still fuck Vanessa hard, but the smokes will have to go
Me: Smart man... I'd happily let Hayden spank me, by the way. As long as I can return the favour.
Him: yeah
Wrestlingmonkeyz signed off at 03:59

I signed off not long after posting this. (Catden is a poster on CSSA with whom I have various differences of opinion, and that's all you need to know.)

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Anonymous said...

Smoking is out, spanking is in.