Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Well, It Took You Long Enough Post.

Putting Patty from Square Pegs, her from The Manhattan Project, Cadet Thompson and the voice of Miss Spider onto the big screen may have resulted in HBO scoring a bigger hit than they did with John From Cincinnati, but not only did Sex and the City make none of its millions from me, neither of the two soundtrack CDs made no room for any of Aaron Zigman's score. From the Better Late Than Never file, Decca/New Line's third disc culled from the movie gives the prolific Mr. Z a proper score release (did he get any space on the albums for either Step Up movies or Good Luck Chuck? Did he hell). It sounds very pleasant and romantic from the soundclips, which is just what's required... especially after listening to Requiem For A Dream. Brrrrrr. Pre-order here if you feel so inclined.

1. Love Letters (3:42)
2. Dante (4:23)
3. The Closet (2:30)
4. Big Screws Up (2:48)
5. It's Me & You Suite (4:47)
6. It Was Love (3:34)
7. Penthouse (2:20)
8. Did I Dream It (2:26)
9. Water Breaks (1:44)
10. Taxi (1:06)
11. 76 Guests (:56)
12. Leaving Wedding (3:21)
13. Louise Leaves (1:41)
14. City Hall (2:07)
15. Girls Walk Up (1:12)
16. Carrie Sees Vogue (:57)
17. Sushi (1:50)
18. It Was Love (3:27)

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The Archivist said...

Why am I surprised that you'd order the soundtrack without seeing the movie?