Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Why Are Some People Such Twunts? Post.

I didn't have time to see Obama's victory speech live yesterday, but I did get to see (and was impressed by) McCain's concession speech. And hear some of the boos - which I can understand; how do you think millions of people elated yesterday would have felt if the reverse had taken place? So the "twunts" thing isn't aimed at them.

It's aimed at people complaining about the amount of press coverage on this side of the Atlantic; erm, it does happen to be a major world event (it's not like they were going all out to cover the Superbowl). It's aimed at the work colleague of mine who said before the election that he didn't think the US would ever elect a black president (right, because the history of Britain is filled with non-white prime ministers). It's aimed at those who felt that a lot of black people voted along racial lines (which I'm sure was true of some, but probably not all). And above all, it's aimed at the young Radio 1 listener who claimed this couldn't have happened without David Palmer from 24 - in which case there'll probably never be a female president based on Commander in Chief, Hail To The Chief*, the movie version of Whoops Apocalypse and Kisses For My President. (Not to mention "Bart To The Future" featuring America's first heterosexual female #1, President Lisa Simpson.)

It is not, however, aimed at my mum (who texted us to wish us a Happy Barack Day). Or Sharon. Or anyone else rightly thrilled at America finally getting payback for eight years of smug condescension from some quarters. A long road back, but it's started out well...

*For those who don't remember this shortlived sitcom with Patty Duke as the prez, lucky you.

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The Archivist said...

I wasn't impressed with some reactions to Obama's win and was impressed with others.

Goes to show, eh?