Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Cindy Like Sunday Morning Post.

If the guy who does on205th is reading this, the reason I don't want to do another hot girls blog is twofold. One, there are already about ten zillion of those things out there and it's a crowded field. And two, he already does it a lot better than I ever could (for all my reservations, his is still one of the better ones).

That was all in response to my posting on a post about Victoria Beckham, so go there for the backstory. Or go here for Cindy in today's Sunday Times (UK, not New York), in and I bet on the cover of the Style section. Look for it to be on sale on eBay by, oooh, this afternoon...

PS (added Wednesday November 26): on205th has gone the way of Metro from my life and this blog. Too Anglophilic for my taste (Katie Price? For goodness' sake), and moaning about Hayden in the bit about some Bizarre cover model was the last straw. Breaking it off is better for everybody... Goodbye on205th, hello links to Varèse Sarabande and La-La Land. Unlike babe blogs, specialist soundtrack labels never let me down.

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Anonymous said...

That picture is an old one, right?