Thursday, December 27, 2007

The On The Third Day Of Christmas Post.

No snow again in London on December 25 (although it snowed in many parts of the world - and quite possibly Scotland - apparently it doesn't count in the UK if it isn't in London. Like many things). And yet Boxing Day was brighter than the big day itself. Huh?

Apart from unintentionally causing Sharon to get a blister on her right hand when I lit the wrong candle (thus resulting in a lampshade catching fire, and Shaz getting said blister while putting it out - and I am SO, SO SORRY...), our Yuletide went quite well, really. No furious arguments, no overeating (at least, not by me - it's such a relief to not feel stuffed over the holidays), and some great presents given and received. To wit:

Hawaii Five-O seasons one and two on DVD (not that I've had a chance to watch them yet thanks to the sisters' endless - though deserved on the sisters' part - viewings of The King of Queens and Everybody Hates Chris, and can I just say here that Arthur from the former is now very much on that hate list down below? Thank you), an Adidas bath set, the new edition of The Anime Encyclopedia, The Onion: Our Dumb World, new shoes, socks for every day of the week, a Borders £50 gift card, and the answer to what if any calendar to get. (Problem solved, since a Heroes calendar was out of the question due to everyone else and a Keeley Hazell one was too embarrassing.)

And best of all, no work until next Wednesday. (Second best of all was finally getting to kiss Bianca at work goodbye for the holidays. Not as extensively as I'd have liked, but never mind.)

Too bad Butch and myself couldn't finish our project in time, but there's always next year.

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Anonymous said...

Good presents, all of them.

And I'm glad about the lack of arguments. It's always good.