Friday, October 26, 2007

The More More MORE Post.

Feltz: Writers Joy Blake & Melissa Blake and director Lesli Glatter, for an unforgivable error (apart from all the scenes with Niki/Jessica, that is) in the otherwise quite good chapter five of volume two of Heroes, "Fight or Flight." I'll just copypaste my comments at the relevant post on Tonight We Make Soap: (Slight spoilers for anyone watching on BBC2 pace)

Dana Davis is fiiiine.

Kristen Bell is wonderful.

But neither of them can make up for the fundamental flaw of Monday night's new episode - good though it was, it was also
the first ever episode of Heroes with NO HAYDEN! And damn, I missed her (even if she would also bring along more of West) - Heroes without Hayden Panettiere is like The Simpsons without the Simpsons. It's like Dark Angel without Jessica Alba. It's like Hawaii Five-O without Jack Lord. It's like Angel with David Boreanaz. And so on. (Coincidentally, this episode was written AND directed by women. Hmmm.)

Cindy: Cindy.
This must be that fabulous-looking one Cindy shot earlier this year in Malibu (where thankfully her home reportedly didn't go the way of Sean Penn's trailer - let's hope Butch's friends in the area share her luck). And no, I don't speak Russian, but who needs to?


joey mack said...

You're too go to me, CL1969. First you're one of two people that actually visit my blog (which by the way I'm totally appreciative for), and second, you give me props on your blog! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

...the hell?

Heroes without Hayden?