Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Playmates Are People Too Post.

One of the things that being a girl-crazy lifelong singleton has taught me is that it's always fun to see a little more of women who strip off for cameras. Not in that sense, you creep; in terms of internally - it helps remind you that they're people just like the rest of us. Sometimes it's hateful (like the Danielle Lloyd business), sometimes it's saddening (like Sharry Konopski's crippling) and sometimes it's life-affirming (like Rebekka Armstrong not letting HIV ruin her life). And sometimes it's... amusing.

One fan in Steve Sullivan's group (see below) posted images of Playmate/actress Carrie Stevens, and as well as being blown away by the shots it led me to her website, and her blog. I love things like that; Carrie reminds me more of Erica Campbell than Naomi Campbell, and that's A Good Thing. A Very Good Thing. Just for that, this post has a link to HotMomsClub.

And that's not what it sounds like either. Think people, not perving. Just for a change. :)

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I know what you mean. *nods*