Friday, March 23, 2007

Why this blog will never be called The Naomi Spot. Ever.

Okay, so while Googling for Cindy - it's a tradition - I come across this post by a gay gossip blogger (not as redundant as it seems, honest) extolling the virtues of Naomi Campbell turning community service into a PR exercise and praising her for being too useless to be doing anything but still walking up and down catwalks... er, working it for top designers.

I said: Cindy Crawford may be retired and raising a family and Naomi Campbell may still be working the runways, but Cindy is still an appealing class act and Naomi is still... working the runways.

He said in response: True nuff, that. :) Thanks for the comment. :)

Since the original blog was hardly an attack on NC, either he missed the point or he got it completely. Whatever, it's a chance to post Cindy's spread from German Vogue. Doesn't get the headlines, but doesn't get them for the right reasons. If you see what I mean.

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Anonymous said...

Cindy is fine.

VERY fine.