Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Heroes drinking game.

Well, one of them. To while away the days before it comes back from hiatus (for the record, Sci-Fi is up to Chapter Six), here's one put together by various Internet Movie Database fans of the show as it is at the time of posting, including non-drinking me. (For the benefit of my Australian friend, mild spoilers removed.)

Sip a beer if:
Peter brushes his hair out of his face.
Hiro pushes his glasses up his nose.
Mohinder says "My father's research."
Nathan laughs at Peter.
A shadowy figure appears.
Claire regenerates.
Claire cries.
There is a plot twist of any kind. (WARNING: May result in serious liver damage.)
Hiro speaks broken English to a person of authority.
Sylar kills someone.
Zach is referenced as being gay.
DL phases through something.
Hiro mentions his destiny.
Ando drools over a girl.

Chug a beer if:
A new hero appears.
Sylar cuts someone's head open.
Hiro says "Yatta!" and flings his arms out.
Niki/Jessica swap places more than once.
Sylar gives you that creepy vibe.
There's a close up of Claire looking scared or disappointed.
You have to guess whether Niki's herself or Jessica.
Ando gives a rebuttal to any of Hiro's plans.
Nathan acts like a prick.
The "symbol" shows up.
Peter learns a new power.
Claire is NOT in an episode - In fact, chug three (it'll never happen).
The Haitian says something.
Mohinder's accent changes.
We find out Claire's dad's first name.
We find out if Claire's mom (Mrs. Bennet) is dead.
Mrs. Bennet hugs Mr. Muggles. (You're gonna get drunk tonight with this one...)
Ali Larter acts badly. (You'll be smashed before the half hour point.)
The episode ends with some kind of pretentious voiceover from Mohinder.
A non-Asian character speaks Japanese (twice if they're actually not bad at it).

Take a shot if:
Peter uses someone else's power.
Something HUGE is revealed.
Someone important dies.
Mr. Muggles makes an appearance.
They say any name brand (like Nissan Versa).
We find out that another random person is in on the whole thing.
Janice Parkman is in an episode.
Hiro manages to get a girlfriend.
Chandra Suresh isn't dead after all.
Sylar does not appear in an episode.

Down a bottle of Vodka (you can choose the brand) if:
It is ever revealed that Mr. Muggles has a power.
Any of the heroes wears a costume and fights crime.
The show gets cancelled.
Mohinder doesn't die. (He totally deserves to and you know it)
Janice Parkman is revealed to have a power.
A non-hot female character who has a power becomes a regular.
Chandra Suresh is not only alive, but behind it all, too!
Sylar becomes a good guy.
Neither Hiro nor Claire appear in an episode.



I'm Butch said...

Mr. Muggles has a power. It's called being fucking awesome.

Anonymous said...

If/when I get the DVD of this, I might try this.