Sunday, March 25, 2007

Australian teenage mermaids > Nicolas Cage. Discuss.

Last night I went to see Ghost Rider and did not care for it (it came from the man who also did Daredevil, which at least had Jennifer Garner)... any Marvel adaptation without Stan Lee appearing is doomed from the get-go, plus crap merchant David S. Goyer (Blade: Trinity, Threshold) was involved. Trying to be campy while taking your basic story seriously is a tough trick to pull off, and this not being Xena: Warrior Princess it didn't make it - in fact, it was laughable (starting with Peter Fonda's hair). But I did like

a) the moment where Nicolas Cage and Sam Elliott go riding across the desert leaving trails of fire while a rock cover of "Ghost Riders In The Sky" plays,

b) the cute blonde waitress in the bar, who sadly got iced by the main villain,

c) Eva "lowrent Cindy Crawford" Mendes's impressive cleavage and bodacious backside (even if she was otherwise useless... but then again so was N. Cage, Esq.),

d) Christopher Young's score in lieu of endless songs, which is a decent dry run for Spider-Man 3, and

e) Er... that's it.

The ads before the movie included one from Nickelodeon for
H2O: Just Add Water, which is a pretty weird juxtaposition - is there really an overlap of audiences for films about demonically possessed motorbike riders and fantasy series aimed at tweenage girls? (Well, in some parts yes.) Mind you, if it was down to choosing between Ghost Rider 2 and watching Australian girls deal with turning into mermaids, I'd go for the latter any day. The series starts in April, so that's one to set the video for.

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Anonymous said...

H20: Just Add Water sounds like the name of a lesbian porno.

You know, gong to see movies and not liking them really sucks. I know that you can usually get your ticket refunded up to half an hour after the movie starts, but sometimes you need a lot more then 30 minutes to realise that the movie is a piece of crap you were better off not watching.