Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Holiday Update

Cindy: Getting plenty of sleep in time to see this year's Oscars.

Feltz: The show itself - not the most thrilling, and also somewhat low in babe-age (admittedly after last year - Alba! Hayek! Johansson! Etc! - there was a lot to live up to). Apart from Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gwyneth Paltrow...

Cindy: ...and Jennifer Hudson.

Feltz: Trying to see how much passage from Waterloo to Ubeda via Malaga , plus hotel, would cost. I'm not going yet, not until July, but they won't process it yet. Gah. And I want to know how much it costs now! Now, dammit, now!

Cindy: Chapter Seventeen of Heroes (not showing up on Sci-Fi for about 14 weeks). Seriously, how frikking awesome was that? Development, tension, heartbreak, loads of Hayden (delivering both heartthrob- and acting-wise; ditto Jack Coleman and Greg Grunberg in the acting division), kickass effects, tearjerking ending ("I love you, Claire-bear..."), and Eric Roberts not sucking. Stunning. Jen, I command you to start watching this.

Feltz: TheArchivist still not being able to see the series thanks to the show Mad magazine parodied as Louse, S.O.B. being on directly opposite it in Australia. I know it's not bombing there, but pull your fingers out, Seven. (Bonus Feltz: The dicks in the UK dismissing it after three episodes. Patience will be rewarded - this isn't Invasion, you know.)

Cindy: Well, er... hang on...

Feltz: Being late for my blood extraction on Monday (I thought it was at 10:30, it was at 9 am), having to reschedule it for Tuesday, being late (only 10 minutes, but still late) thanks to a bus delay, and then having to tell the diabetic nurse that I've been behind in my pills lately. And her not taking it well.

Cindy: Cindy being on The Tyra Banks Show for half an hour.

Feltz: Cindy only being on The Tyra Banks Show for half an hour.

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Anonymous said...

I wait for the DVD, and then I wait for me to have money to spend on such things.

Hayden on DVD is better than Hayden on a show that you can miss.