Sunday, February 04, 2007

Current mood: gloomy.

Because on Friday we were all yelled at at work, for good reason I'll admit - there has been some difficulty lately. But, while none of us were singled out I felt the same way I always do when someone in my circle gets berated.... like it's somehow my fault. Even when it isn't.

Because it's still a week before payday and I'm utterly skint, with just enough for my Oyster card. Thank goodness for travel allowance, that's all I can say.

Because it's foggy outside.

Because the fridge still doesn't allow for longterm storage of food in the non-freezer section.

Because the worst thing about believing in cycles is that you have to wait for things to swing up again.

We could all use something to cheer us up. So here's another of my staff, Aria Giovanni. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

I sympathise about your fridge problems. I do know what having crappy appliances like that is like.

As for being yelled at, it does suck.

And those photos are nice.