Thursday, May 26, 2005

"I still exist!"

And just to prove it, here's what I've managed to get together of chapter two of The Longest Weekend (up to a point; there's more but it's not ready yet).

* * * * * * * * * *

"Mom?" said Haylie Duff as soon as Susan answered.

"What? Have you heard from Hilary?"

"Not yet... they found her car on the side of the road. No sign of anything happening - she must have just upped and gone."

"And we can't even call her a missing person until tomorrow..."

"Maybe she's run off with Lindsay Lohan to make up," Haylie weakly cracked. "The news is saying she's gone too."

"Oh, screw her. She's always off her face every other week."

* * * * * * * * * *

Jessica Simpson's assistant smirked as she watched the E! story about pissed-off Jewel fans wanting their money back after she failed to turn up for that concert. The idea that Jewel could have done that was a new one even for the reporters... the best thing about it was that they wouldn't be left high and dry. "CulhaneTech CEO Stuart Holmes personally guaranteed that all customers will be receiving a full refund," said the perky reporter as he kept watching. "With what he called 'a little extra.'"

"Can you believe this crap?!" she cracked as she and Jessica watched. "Jewel didn't show up, and Richie Rich there says he'll pay everyone who wants their money back. Yeah, RIGHT."

"You never know," Jessica said, as the screen went to another story. "He could... wait a minute. Jewel's gone?"

"Yeah, she bailed out on a concert. Service to mankind I say."

"And the sponsor's CulhaneTech...?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"Just something familiar about it," Jessica replied, mentally thinking over the things she'd be asking her assistant to get for her in a few minutes; things that would take her far across town. Because she needed to make a couple of phone calls.

She prayed to God that it wasn't starting again.

* * * * * * * * * *

In and out she kept thrusting her hand. In and out.

Jewel had been on edge all through the night; three times she had been blasted awake by Now That's What I Call Unlistenable Bilge 845, and always, ALWAYS the worst tracks. After the umpteenth chorus of Girls Aloud, she had been tempted to dig the bomb out of her with a fork just to get away from it.

The cool jets of the shower had helped chase away her troubled sleep; but as the water rushed over her body, Jewel knew that was only part of it. She had to get every last scrap of that business in the stables out of her system, and there was only one way she could do it. Her soaped fingers scurried around inside her blond muff, going through every last inch of her box; Jewel struggled to keep her mind off yesterday as she washed herself down there more thoroughly than she usually did. She did feel a couple of tingles as she went through, but thinking of Stuart Holmes cut those urges off.

In and out she kept thrusting. In and out.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hilary Duff's eyes cracked open; she had finally been granted a few hours of sleep. Still a little sore, she started to get out of bed - she needed a shower...

On the table by her bed she saw a red rose and a small envelope addressed to her, and cracked a bemused half-smile. What was with this weirdo...? Hilary tore open the envelope and took out a small slip of paper; her half-smile soon turned to complete-snarl on reading it.

"Same time tonight?" Stuart had written.

"No," Hilary muttered, as she started to tear the note up. "Not tonight. Not any night. Not ever again."

* * * * * * * * * *

Lindsay Lohan had managed to get the most sleep of the three guests; she had buried her head underneath the plush pillows and held them very, very close to her ears, mentally thinking of songs that weren't crap. This tactic had actually worked, and her REM movements had left her with her head back on the pillows, lolling as day broke.

Slumbering on the bed, she didn't hear the door open softly and a figure slip in, look at the redhead sleeping and nod. Nor did she feel a pair of hands lightly touching her feet, touching them so delicately it was almost as if they weren't there. Nor did Lindsay register the hands slowly sliding up her legs, moving over her thighs. Lindsay only started to feel something in her mind when her thick red bush was tickled slightly by an eager tongue, the owner's hands still stroking her legs.

"Mmmm..." Lindsay said, still slightly asleep as the tongue dabbed her plump, tasty button, flicking it just a little before slipping along the sides of her cunt. Whoever was down there was taking his sweet time; the tongue was tasting every tiny nook of Lindsay's box, and the way those fingers tenderly caressed her pink thighs wasn't bad either. Lindsay's breathing began to get harder as the mouth kept tasting, the lips kissing the snatch and the tongue moving deeper inside the girl. Lindsay was losing any sleepiness she'd had as she heard the guy's little sounds of appreciation; she wanted to open her eyes and look to see who the person was - but she was afraid it would be that Stuart...

No; Stuart couldn't be THIS good at eating pussy, she thought as she felt the hands moving up her body, touching her headlights as the tongue began to move faster, on the clit here, on her cuntlips there. Lindsay was fully awake now, trying not to gasp out loud as she found herself dampening the mouth of her morning lover, her eyes open and seeing the slim, feminine hands squeezing her heavy breasts... Lindsay's surprise at seeing the sex of whoever it was was wiped out by her sudden feeling of heat between her legs, as she found herself feeling better than she had since coming here...

Now it was Hilary's turn not to hear Lindsay scream as she came with sunlight hitting her face. The cry continued even as the girl kept tasting her, and Lindsay was still gasping when she finally raised her head, lips moist from her work.

The glowing redhead was looking at a startling beautiful girl. She couldn't have been more than 17, and she was wearing a T-shirt and blue pants. She had very Asian features - Korean? Japanese? Lindsay never could tell off the bat. She didn't look particularly enigmatic, but Lindsay nonetheless knew she was hiding something.

"Uh... uh... who are you?"

Lindsay kicked herself for saying something so stupid, but the girl didn't mind. She just pointed to a little sign on her shirt; Lindsay peered closer and read "Hi, I'm Kimiko."

"Hi, I'm Lindsay..."

Kimiko nodded. "That wasn't... all that bad, actually," the redhead continued.

She nodded again.

"What's wrong? Can't you talk?"

She nodded again.

"Is... is HE listening?"

Kimiko nodded again. "What are you going to do, tell me military secrets? Why can't you just say hello..."

Lindsay's voice trailed off as the girl lifted her shirt up. Kimiko had herself a fine set of breasts; Lindsay insisted she was straight, but even she could see they were utterly beautiful. Not even the slight scar in the middle could take away from them, but it was the scar that caught Lindsay's eye. Kimiko let the shirt drop over her chest again, having made her point.

"Oh God - you too?"

Kimiko nodded; pointing to her mouth, she shook her head. Then she opened her mouth without making a sound, pointed to her chest and spread her fingers apart quickly. Lindsay felt horror replacing pleasure as she looked at the girl.

"I am going to kill that bastard before I leave here," she said in a low tone.

Kimiko nodded again.

* * * * * * * * *

"Morning, ladies," Stuart said brightly as Lindsay, Jewel and Hilary sat down at the table, just as the tea arrived. "Ready to eat? I've got some people for you to meet and they don't like to hear tummies rumbling. Especially my father... I've told him all about you three. He's very excited; it's been a while since he and his partners have had such company to look forward to."

"Yay us," Jewel said with no enthusiasm whatsoever.

"Ladies, this is Kimiko Mizutani," Stuart continued, accepting a cup from the girl. "You didn't see her yesterday because it was her day off, but she'll be around to tend to your desires. To an extent of course."

"I think we've met," Lindsay smiled as Kimiko turned her attention to the redhead. "One sugar, please."

"My father especially wants to see you, Cadet Kelly," Stuart said to Hilary as she started eating. "He and his partner. They'll be here shortly - I'm pleased that you're all neat and tidy. Nature abhors a vacuum and they abhor scruffs. Excuse me a moment," he added as his phone rang. "Hello?... Yes... All right, I'll tell them. (Back to Hilary) That was my father; his helicopter will be landing in five minutes. They'll be ready just about when you finish eating."

Hilary started to eat very, very slowly as the sound of a helicopter in the distance, very faint at first, started to build up.

Inside the helicopter, Arthur Holmes looked disapprovingly at his fellow passenger's reading material. "Dammit, woman, why do you have to read that crap?"

"I happen to like this crap," Corliss Culhane muttered. "And I owe some of the company's stock. Call it keeping up on my investment."

"But... John GRISHAM?!"

"Look, I don't get pissy when you're reading the damn Daily Mail," the woman countered.

"That's an actual newspaper. You're probably unfamiliar with the concept of reading newspapers. You're an American."

Corliss, not for the first time, found herself counting to twenty to keep from hitting this superannutated twit. This superannutated, extremely rich, vast amount of stock owning in CulhaneTech twit. "Remind me again of why you want to fuck Lizzie McGuire?" she said icily. "Wouldn't you rather have someone from Girls Aloud or some such shit British group?"

"Because it's easier to traffic young American celebs around the world than those from other countries, and I like to test the merchandise. Duff isn't exactly a household word internationally, but she carries more weight than Zoe Lucker," Arthur explained.


"Exactly. Besides, as far as Septics on Children's BBC go better her than that brunette from Even Stevens."

"You seem to know a lot about that kind of thing," Corliss chuckled.

"No more than you. Now come along," he said as the helicopter landed. "We have some young ripe ladies to pluck..."

"At least this time my bloody kids won't be getting in the way," Corliss snickered.

"Americans shouldn't say 'bloody.' It doesn't fit them."

Ignoring that linguistic comment, Corliss heaved her bulk out of the chopper.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Take her plate away," Stuart said to Kimiko as Hilary continued toying with her cereal, each mouthful being crunched about 20 times before she swallowed. "They won't like to be kept waiting, and don't think I don't know what you're trying to do."

"But I wasn't - " Hilary started as Kimiko whisked away the plate, directly on cue with the door flying open.

"Ah, right on time!" Stuart beamed, welcoming Corliss and Arthur as they headed towards him. "My girl'll have your drinks ready in a few moments - sit down, sit down. How's your day been so far?"

"A lot better now I'm finally here," Arthur replied. "Nice ladies you've got here. Miss Duff... Miss Lohan... Miss Whatever-The-Hell-Your-Last-Name-Is."

"It's Kilcher, and the pleasure's all yours," Jewel filled in.

"What is it will all these stupid one-name-only singers anyway?" Corliss grumbled, sitting down on the sofa. "They didn't call them Ella or Sarah or Billie or Aretha or even Lesley... Fitzgerald. Vaughan. Holiday. Franklin. Gore. They had surnames and they used them. Fucking stuck-up little so-and-so's... where's my drink, Lotus Blossom?"

"She's got a name, woman-balloon," Lindsay snapped, hating the woman instantly as so many did.

"Do I look like her mother?"

"You look like a mother. A total motherf-"

"Ah-ah-ah, enough of that," Stuart interrupted. "Corliss doesn't have time to argue with you; she and my dad are busy people. They're here to test the merchandise." He clamped a hand on Hilary's exposed thigh, having a good squeeze as she grimaced. "Meaning you, my dear. I'll be in the opposite room while they're carrying out the test - Miss Kilcher, you come with me."

"What about me?" Lindsay asked.

"You? You're going to watch," Stuart chuckled as he walked out of the room, Jewel meekly following him. "You're obviously not going to go anywhere. Besides, I've got some people for you to meet afterwards." And as he left the room, Kimiko entered with the drinks for the guests, bowed quietly, gave Lindsay a sympathetic smile and left.

Hilary gave Lindsay a look as Arthur took her by the arm, bidding her to leave the table. She had seen the smile Kimiko gave her - she opened her mouth to ask what was going on with them, and then felt one of Arthur's aged (but smooth with lack of work) hands clamping her mouth shut. "Little girls should be seen and not heard," he tut-tutted.

Lindsay relaxed, enjoying Hilary's furious brown eyes and her mumbling "I'm not a little girl!" behind his hands as he dragged her towards the reclining Corliss. "I hear my grandson is hot for your bod, Hil," she said casually. "Get them off and let's see if he's got a case." Glaring at the old woman with rage, a restrained Hilary undressed quickly, her anger mixed with shame at what these people were making her do. She wouldn't even do lingerie shoots for men's magazines, and now she was stripping off for strangers... soon she was naked, and she just knew Lindsay was enjoying this.

Arthur was standing behind her and couldn't see as much as he'd have liked, but on one of the opposite walls there was a mirror; he took a glance, and was delighted to see a side view of Hilary Duff's pink naked form. Her tits weren't big but they were perky and the real thing, her body was soft and firm, and she had beautiful legs. Arthur discreetly licked his lips as he ran his free hand down the girl's body... was her bum as sexy as his son said it was? He ignored the twitch from Hilary as he caressed her cheeks. Yes, it was.

"Not bad," Corliss acknowledged. "Too bad I don't like girls..."

Hilary's eyes brightened a little at that.

"...but anything for the company," Corliss continued. She lifted her dress up, giving Hilary and Arthur a look at her uncovered, immense pussy; both of them wrinkled their faces at the sight. "What are you moaning about, Arthur? You won't be getting any of it. You know what to do, Lizzie McFuckingguire."

Hilary squeezed her eyes shut as she knelt down, telling herself that if she did quickly it would soon be over.

"And don't rush, okay? I like these things to last..."

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The Archivist said...

You said the only access you have to the internet is at work for the time being. If you got the internet at home in time to make this post, so be it.

However, if you posted this at work, congratulations are in order for: posting porn at work, posting porn at work without getting caught, doing non-work stuff at work and doing non-work stuff at work without getting caught.

This was a very good second piece. I'm very interested as to who Kimiko is - she isn't a celebrity I'm aware of - so she's either a celebrity or some poor girl who's unfortunately mixed up in this.

Is she naturally mute? Or did Stuart render her unable to speak through surgery? Or is he threatening to kill her if she ever says a word and he finds out about it?

One of my friends once said it was hard to get people to like a character, but damn, it was easy to make people hate a character. And I truly hate Stuart and his assorted cronies.

Except for Kimiko; I kinda like her, but more information as to whose side she's on is needed. After all, her scar could just be an elaborate ruse.

Very good piece of writing, my friend. Very good exposition.