Thursday, May 26, 2005

"Alba's in Fantastic Four?"

I was just going to put a reply to that comment, but the above statement from our Australian correspondent just amazed me. Not as much as Sharon's surprise that The Simpsons' "Terror At 5 1/2 Feet" was one of several TV homages to the most famous episode of The Twilight Zone (see also Johnny Bravo and Cosby among others) - I thought everybody in the world knew that! - but still...

Even in the circles I move in, I thought it was common knowledge that a number of fans of both the comic book and Jessica Alba were up in arms about Twentieth Century Fox casting that twentieth century fox as Sue Storm; the True Believers on the grounds of her being not only (let's not be coy about this) too ethnic but also too damn hot to play the Invisible Woman as designed in the Marvel comics (which, interestingly enough, is almost the precise opposite of what was said about Jennifer Garner as Elektra) , the Alba Army on the grounds that casting someone as drop-dead gorgeous and staggeringly sexy as JMA in a role which requires her to be invisible is... how can I put this politely... fucking imbecilic. (This is one of several complaints people have made about it even before its release, with others ranging from the choice of director to, in the case of Blue Man over yonder, the fact that Mr. Fantastic is played by a Welshman.)

Anyway, if he clicks on the title he'll find definitive proof that the answer is yes. Any excuse to look at Jessica Alba is fine with me, but perhaps the makers should have cast someone blonde who many people would want to turn invisible. And Paris Hilton's in town promoting House of Wax...


The Archivist said...

Ah, so that's who my father called 'Big Tits'. I saw a poster for the movie last week and recognised Reed Richards, Mr Fantastic, Ben Grimm, The Thing, Johnny Storm, The Human Torch and Sue Storm, the Invisible Girl! (I thought she was married to Reed in the comics?)

But gee, Jessica Alba sure looks different! I can't believe I didn't recognise her!

EXCUSE ME!! Jennifer Garner was damn hot as Elektra!! (The only thing Elektra lacked was some nude scenes).

All Hail King Butcher! said...