Thursday, February 03, 2005

Was it the "no life" crack?

No wonder I haven't heard from Jen thus far... really, truly sorry.

But you do talk about football a lot though, don't you? I know that would make you the perfect woman for some guys - still, it beats makeover shows.

Again, Go Patriots! (I still haven't forgotten that quarrel with FD.)


Jen61377 said...

I talk football a lot during football season. During baseball season, I talk a lot of baseball. It's part of the majestic glory that is me. Or something like that.

It's alright. I know that I don't lead the most active of social lives (being engaged kinda takes out the possibility of going clubbing and looking to get laid).

I'll try to talk with you more frequently. Don't try to get me hooked on your crazy football, though. ;)

MuffinMan said...

Much as I dig you guys, I'm pulling hard for the Philadelphia Eagles, and nothing short of a Charlize Theron/Elle Macpherson/hot young male of my choice warm butterscotch orgy w/me as "the sandwich filling" could persuade me to do otherwise. I'm not just saying that because I could win a new Eagles jersey (which I could use, BTW) should the Eagles triumph. Seriously, I think this will be a game for the ages between the two best NFL teams that even a crappy/overwrought/overdemonized halftime show will NOT overshadow...

Cindylover1969 said...

Trust me, Jen, there is no chance of me getting you interested in what you guys call "soccer" and what I call... well, have you seen "The Last Boy Scout"? You know the first scene with the guy running towards the opposing players and how he deals with some of them? That pretty much sums up my views about American and British football. (At least the Superbowl gets some proper entertainment for the halftime show - no chance of that happening with the FA Cup.)

The Archivist said...

Look, I'll admit that the game holds no crowning glory for me. But you know what?

I sat through the entire game, from the commentary before the game, to the point where the Patriots beat the Eagles, 24-21.

I watched every moment of it, writing down every time someone scored a goal, cheering on those Patriots.

I went and made a blog about it, listing the game in it's scoring detail.

I did that all for Jen, who is my friend. I did that because she wanted the Patriots to win.

And I live in Australia!