Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Upgrading and Cycling

I'm in a down mode now.

I don't think I'm a manic-depressive, but I hate being in this shift cycle of mine - it always seems to be a streak of bad feelings followed by good ones, then bad again, and so on... all I can do is wait for the mood to pass. What gets me through it is that I know it will pass; the law of averages, it's always darkest before the dawn and all that. The trouble is, you have to go through the bad stuff to get there. And the bad stuff lasts too long, but the good stuff is never long enough.

If I was a drug-taker (other than the stuff for my diabetes, of course) or a boozer, I'd probably have a way out. I can't even get around to any kind of writing... oh wait a minute...

* * * * * * * * * *


Not myself, my music.

Before I discovered CDs with the Searching for Bobby Fischer soundtrack, I was mainly a cassette person (vinyl was too bulky to have around my bedroom). I never really saw the need for upgrading the lot to CD unless there's extra music like Rambo: First Blood Part II... until I started listening to my tapes, going through them all backwards (I'm on John Scott now). And shit, some of them sound bad - not musically, sonically. Plus having to skip tracks - like the Se7en soundtrack, where I only listen to the Howard Shore tracks - is simplicity itself on a turntable or a CD player, but trial and error with cassettes.

I can see their point now. The only trouble is, not all of them are that easy to find on CD (and as for vinyl...).

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