Monday, June 25, 2012

The Music From The Films Of Scarlett Johansson Post.

Since Scarlett Johansson is the oldest of the women in this series so far at the ripe old age of 27, and since many of her movies (the gorgeous, pouting Scarlett rarely does scripted television with the exception of her Robot Chicken appearances - and the pilot for the TV version of The Client) have had soundtrack releases, we've got the longest disc so far. Not included in this lineup: North, Home Alone 3 or My Brother The Pig (thus preventing the inclusion of a pre-Lost Michael Giacchino). Also not included is David Julyan's The Prestige (because it's boring), or any of her Woody Allen films (especially Match Point - I resent films where hotties I like get killed) as he hardly ever goes for original scoring. But if I can get any of her songs here, I will...

9. I'm Psyched (from In Good Company) - Stephen Trask (2:50)
17. I Got A Ride (from The Avengers) - Alan Silvestri (4:00)

Next up, another pouty sexpot however much she denies it...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Music From The Films Of Blake Lively Post.

Given that the production the yummy, leggy Blake is best known for is a TV show, perhaps a renaming of this series is in order. Anyway, not included on this... well... EP is anything from Accepted, Simon Says or Hick. (Or Savages, even though there is a soundtrack available - just no sound clips at the time of writing.) Also not included - "Carol Scolds Hal" from Green Lantern, because I wanted something a bit more uptempo after the previous tracks.

By the way, Blake Neely is a man. :)

1. Steps Of The Met (Gossip Girl, Theme from) - Transcenders (1:44)
2. Piano Suite (from The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants) - Cliff Eidelman (3:54)
3. Bridge At Night (from Elvis & Anabelle) - Blake Neely (3:04)
4. Bridget (from The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2) - Rachel Portman (3:19)
5. Charlestown (from The Town) - Harry Gregson-Williams and David Buckley (2:18)
6. Drone Dogfight (from Green Lantern) - James Newton Howard (3:18)
Hypothetical Bonus Track:
7. Savages … Force Of Nature (from Savages) - Adam Peters (3:13)

Still longer than the soundtrack album for The Lonely Guy, which is less than 20 minutes long in total! Coming up next, a woman who won't have that problem...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Music From The Films Of Hayden Panettiere Post.

There are two things that I like; film soundtracks and attractive celebrity women. Finally, something that combines the two. Kicking off this series of posts is one for one of the two women this blog's named for - and since Cindy Crawford has hardly any screen scripted work to her name (and no related soundtracks, unless La-La Land has released Mark Mancina's Fair Game without announcing it), that means Hayden Panettiere.

Not included: songs licensed for inclusion in any of her films (or TV shows), although we'll make an exception for one artist. Also not included: David Newman's The Affair Of The Necklace because she only appears in the prologue as the young Hilary Swank (which is weird considering how they look now, but anyway), or any others - like Message In A Bottle - where she isn't a main character. (Exception: the track from Dinosaur, because it's too darn good.) I'm also not including anything from Marco Beltrami's Scream 4 (especially not "I Got It Right") because of the whole "stabbed and left for dead" thing... even though her character may not be gone, but anyway, it's not pleasant.

This hypothetical CD/download would, however, include among other tracks (and I apologise in advance for them not being embedded -  I did try) :

1. Dot's Rescue (from A Bug's Life) - Randy Newman (4:01)
2. The Egg Travels (from Dinosaur) - James Newton Howard (2:43)
3. Titans Spirit (from Remember The Titans) - Trevor Rabin (7:25)
4. My Hero Is You (from Tiger Cruise) - Hayden Panettiere (3:43)
5. Someone Like You (from The Dust Factory) - Hayden Panettiere and Watt White (3:43)
6. The Big Race (from Racing Stripes) - Mark Isham (7:20)
7. I Fly (from Ice Princess) - Hayden Panettiere (3:33)
8. Claire (from Heroes) - Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman (6:43)
9. Fireflies Blinking (from Fireflies In The Garden) - Javier Navarette (5:36)
10. Beth Cooper Suite (from I Love You, Beth Cooper) - Christophe Beck (4:42)
11. Requiem For Kate (from Alpha And Omega) - Chris Bacon (1:30)
12. I Can Do It Alone (from Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil) - Hayden Panettiere (3:28)

Next time, we're off to the Upper East Side of Manhattan's elite...