Monday, June 25, 2012

The Music From The Films Of Scarlett Johansson Post.

Since Scarlett Johansson is the oldest of the women in this series so far at the ripe old age of 27, and since many of her movies (the gorgeous, pouting Scarlett rarely does scripted television with the exception of her Robot Chicken appearances - and the pilot for the TV version of The Client) have had soundtrack releases, we've got the longest disc so far. Not included in this lineup: North, Home Alone 3 or My Brother The Pig (thus preventing the inclusion of a pre-Lost Michael Giacchino). Also not included is David Julyan's The Prestige (because it's boring), or any of her Woody Allen films (especially Match Point - I resent films where hotties I like get killed) as he hardly ever goes for original scoring. But if I can get any of her songs here, I will...

9. I'm Psyched (from In Good Company) - Stephen Trask (2:50)
17. I Got A Ride (from The Avengers) - Alan Silvestri (4:00)

Next up, another pouty sexpot however much she denies it...

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