Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Bob's Big Boy Of Models Post.

In the first/only good Austin Powers movie, Dr. Evil uses a Bob's Big Boy as an escape capsule; when the enormous fast food logo is spotted and a technician says it's back, Charles Napier points out that technically the chain's never been gone.

Similarly, Cindy's two newest covers arriving virtually together - first for Chinese Elle...

and then for Mexican Vogue...

...have led to yet more discussion of Cindy being "back." But really, was she ever actually "gone"? Think about it.

Since having Presley and Kaia she's slowed down, and certainly she hasn't been as omnipresent as she was in the '90s - but though the days of the calendars and the MTV gigs are gone she's still a busy pitchwoman (most notably for Omega) and while she is, in a sense, to be congratulated for deciding to act her age and not behave as if she has to keep up with the Miranda Kerrs and Brooklyn Deckers, the guy in me wouldn't mind too much... well, wouldn't mind at all were she to make another visit to the men's magazine section (Cindy hasn't done a shoot with the Y-chromosome audience in mind since that Maxim one a few years back).

Then again, Kate Moss appears in butt-baring mode on another country's edition of Vogue to lesser effect (even without Ashley Tisdale having done a similar shot with much more enticing results in the latest Allure, Reed Richards and Inspector Gadget combined can't bridge the gap in looks between 45-year-old mother of two Cindy Crawford and the somewhat younger Kate). Cindy has nothing to prove.

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