Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Family That Sells Together Stays Together Post.

Somebody I have to update Cindy's Wikipedia page to add a complete list of products she's sold over the years (everything from makeup to German banks). Many would say her Pepsi commercial with those two little boys is her finest work, so it's inevitable she should reteam with Pepsi for... water.

Propel Water deserves props for being responsible for the first ad in which all four members of the world's most gorgeous celeb family appear (Presley and Kaia have been in Pepsi and JCPenney spots, and future heartbreaker Kaia modelled for Melissa Odabash to some people's distaste). It is possible that somewhere in the US, there is a family watching this with members sighing over every single person in the above. Age-appropriate, of course.

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