Saturday, May 21, 2011

The So How Did I Do This Time Post?

Now they've announced the new shows, it's time for me to see how good I was at predicting which new entries last season would show up...


The Event
What I Said
: "Reasonable."
Was I Right? It turned out to be more than reasonable - Channel 4 took it.

(retitled for the UK)
What I Said
: "Pretty good."
Was I Right?
: Yep - it was bought by SkyLiving (although the series has yet to be screened by them).


What I Said
: "Better than my chances of having sex with Blake Lively. Much better. In fact, pretty much guaranteed considering past series."
Was I Right?
Well, I certainly haven't boned Blake yet... but it hasn't shown up over here. Yet.

Law & Order: Los Angeles

What I Said
: "Considering Hallmark, Five and Sky, it's not if but when."
Was I Right?
Not at this point in time.

What I Said
: "Not that high, I'd say."
Was I Right?

Love Bites
What I Said
: "Very good."
Was I Right?
Nope. Also, it's been relegated to the summer.


What I Said
: "Could happen."
Was I Right?
It hasn't happened.

The Cape
What I Said
: "Good."
Was I Right?
No, but with NBC and Syfy being in bed together I still wouldn't count it out.

Friends With Benefits

What I Said
: "Do not count it out."
Was I Right?
See Love Bites.

Harry's Law

What I Said
: "All of his previous shows about the bar (with the exception of girls club) did..."
Was I Right? No.

The Paul Reiser Show (formerly Next)
What I Said: "Not great, Omid Djalili notwithstanding."
Was I Right? Yes.

Perfect Couples
What I Said: "Not out of the question - I mean, Rules of Engagement and 'Til Death did..."
Was I Right? No.


Raising Hope
What I Said: "As Possible Possum always put it, 'It's possible - it's possible...'"
Was I Right? Not so much possible as definite - Sky One bought it.

Running Wilde
What I Said: "Considering the pedigree, very good."
Was I Right? Will Arnett's last series, Arrested Development, was given a full repeat run on FX (Arnett and creator Mitchell Hurwitz came over to launch it). Running Wilde has yet to show up.

Lone Star
What I Said: "It just might."
Was I Right? It did - to Sky One, although it has yet to actually be shown.

Bob's Burgers
What I Said: "Not out of the question."
Was I Right? It also wasn't out of the question that it would join E4's lineup.

Terra Nova
What I Said: "Other than Invasion America, there are very few Spielberg TV productions that haven't come to the UK."
Was I Right? It's launching this COMING autumn, so...

The Chicago Code (formerly Ride-Along)
What I Said: "Three words - Ex. Cell. Ent."
Was I Right? Yes. Another one for the Sky lineup.

Traffic Light (formerly Mixed Signals)
What I Said: "One of the three friends is Kris Marshall from the long-running BBC sitcom My Family, so I'd say pretty good."
Was I Right? Like fellow Brit-starring US sitcom 100 Questions, this hasn't shown up here. Yet.


Body Of Proof
What I Said: "In its favour. Sounds right up Hallmark's or Alibi's alley."
Was I Right? Yes - Alibi bought it.

Detroit 1-8-7
What I Said: "Given that it stars Michael Imperioli from The Sopranos, I'd say so."
Was I Right? Was I heck.

My Generation
What I Said: "E4 or Fiver, maybe..."
Was I Right? Schedule filler being what it is, this could still arrive eventually.

No Ordinary Family
What I Said: "I'd bet on it."
Was I Right? I should have bet on it - it went to Watch.

Off The Map
What I Said: "Living, anyone?"
Was I Right? See My Generation.

The Whole Truth
What I Said: "Most lawyer shows do. As long as the programme buyers don't remember Justice..."
Was I Right? Apparently they did remember Justice.

Better With You (formerly Better Together)
What I Said: "It might."
Was I Right? It did, as the second new show on 5 Star (formerly Fiver, and the star in the channel's name is actually laid out as the internationally recognised symbol of a star - five points, the works - not as a word, but I can't represent it here thusly).

Happy Endings
What I Said: "I think it might, you know."
Was I Right? Not yet, but it started in midseason, so...

Mr. Sunshine
What I Said: "Chandler Bing and CJ Gregg? Count on it."
Was I Right? Er... no.


$#*! My Dad Says (formerly, as
it were, Bleep My Dad Says)
What I Said
: "I'd say pretty good."
Was I Right?
Better than pretty good - this was the first new show on Five Star (see Better With You).

Mike & Molly
What I Said
: "Living or Comedy Central, I bet."
Was I Right?
It was Comedy Central. I should have put money on this one.

Hawaii Five-O
What I Said: "It'll be here. Aloha."
Was I Right? Yep; it was the very first of the new crop to find a UK home, on Bravo... although that didn't keep the station (and Channel One, formerly Virgin1) from being closed down by new owners Sky. Which is why the new improved Kono and the new everyone else are now on Sky One.

The Defenders
What I Said: "It might have to be a hit first."
Was I Right?: That didn't stop FX.

Blue Bloods
What I Said: "A cop show starring freakin' Magnum and Donnie Wahlberg, from graduates of The Sopranos (Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess) and Leonard Goldberg, who used to make some of the most famous TV shows ever in partnership with Aaron Spelling? I'll be surprised if this doesn't come over."
Was I Right?: Yep; it's been bought by Sky Atlantic. Even though it's not an HBO (or AMC, or even cable) show.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
What I Said: "Unless Living and sister channel Virgin1 lose their minds, good."
Was I Right? Virgin1 is out of the picture, and it hasn't otherwise shown up here - but I bet it will.

The CW

What I Said: "Gimme an E! Gimme a 4!"
Was I Right? The series is a rare scripted show on MTV.

What I Said: "Sky One? Syfy? Virgin1? Five?"
Was I Right? It turned out to be the channel that we now have to call SkyLiving.

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