Sunday, April 04, 2010

The To Complete Or Not To Complete? Post.

While wondering if Brenda "Hang on, let me just get out my soapbox" Hampton has noticed that teen TV shows have moved on significantly since the 1950s (this is in response to The Secret Life Of The American Teenager starting tonight on MTV in the UK. You heard me, MTV. Although that said, at least it's more enticing than, well, all their other shows), on to the subject of this post.

Sequel soundtracks.

And more to the point, owning them.

What brought it up was adding soundtrack info to the Wiki entry for Die Hard With A Vengeance the other day; I've got a CD-R dub of the OOP Varese Sarabande CD Club release of Michael Kamen's score for the first one, which'll be welcome until I can get an actual copy of the album (ha!), and I've got a cassette of Kamen's Die Hard 2. But I don't have the soundtrack for the third film and I haven't got Marco Beltrami's CD for Live Free Or Die Hard yet; I've got all three Howard Shore albums for The Lord of the Rings AND the expanded ones (thanks, Zeta!), and I've got the Jerry Goldsmith Rambo soundtracks (and their expanded ones) and am open to the one from Brian Tyler. But... but I don't know whether or not to get the other two Die Hards.

On the one hand, I'd like to complete the set. On the other hand, in addition to the movie having had a lot of music from Die Hard 2 tracked in (sadly, it's not the only time a sequel's had a predecessor's music put in - see also Rambo III and the two Spider-man sequels), the Die Hard With A Vengeance soundtrack has been complained about for a) leaving off lots of good material (which I can certainly believe based on previous Kamen albums), b) giving up far too much space to rap music and classical covers, and c) not including "When Johnny Comes Marching Home." So... I'm stuck.

Of course, I'll probably get it just to complete the set. Eventually. And now to post this and get back to The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. Thank goodness the girls are cute.

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