Monday, April 26, 2010

The Oranges Are Still Not The Only Fruit Post.

Barbados is the most easterly of the Caribbean islands, and it's often referred to by a lot of the locals as "Little England." Said locals apparently have a Daily Mail mentality based on the two main newspapers, the Barbados Advocate and the Nation. The latter's running a three-part series about that evil activity, same-sex feelings between girls. 

The second part, about how the subject of the story "reformed" through the Church, is here. Now I do not believe that same-sex love = irredeemably wicked, so this is sad to read (especially given the first article in the series, which you can find on the site - I can't bring myself to link to it); my distaste for this piece is really brought out by a lot of the comments below. It seems that a lot of people haven't noticed that it's not the 19th century any longer - true, you get homophobia all over the planet, but in a country that likes to trumpet itself as being a developed place it's like "WTF?"

If Nicole Hinkson (that's her name) is happy the way she is, then good for her. But you have to feel for those lesbians (and gay men, let us not forget) who still have to hide.

For fuck's sake, grow up.

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