Friday, September 25, 2009

The Rosanna And Lindsay Meet Again! Post.

Alttiere update: FlashForward starts this coming Monday on Five (just days after its US premiere) and Modern Family, Glee and The Vampire Diaries have UK homes as well - coming to Sky1, E4 and ITV2 respectively. But I hope Eastwick gets bought soon. Why?

Because of the ever-busy Rosanna Arquette coming on board. Only for two episodes, admittedly, but still. Rosanna guested on co-star Lindsay Price's previous series Lipstick Jungle, hence the post title (Lipstick Jungle was shown in Britain on the most likely home of Eastwick, Living - home of Charmed, Most Haunted, Living With The Dead, Ghost Whisperer, the new runs of Medium and Supernatural, the shows with Scott Mills and David Hasselhoff and other stuff about unearthly happenings).

So that's something to hope for, and I promise not to miss it like I did Lipstick Jungle (but not, for some reason, that episode of Dirt where Rosanna kissed Ashley "Gretchen Grundler" Johnson)... although the complete series is available on R2 DVD anyway. As is Cashmere Mafia (not shown in the UK), but that's another story.

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