Monday, September 21, 2009

The New Moon Soundtrack Listing Post.

Okey-dokey, so we finally found out what's going to be on the Chop Shop/Atlantic CD for The Twilight Saga: New Moon. While I liked Twilight I didn't dash out to buy its CD (although I still want Carter Burwell's score album), and this new lineup is also about as appealing as Insert Unappealing Picture Blog Of Choice Here. The bloke from Radiohead? The band whose leader has had carnal knowledge of Edith Bowman? The Killers? (As Ryan Adams put it, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, with the unfortunate exception of The Killers.") I can only hope Alexandre "When does the man sleep?" Desplat gets his own separate score disc.

1. Meet Me On The Equinox - Death Cab For Cutie
2. Friends - Band Of Skulls
3. Hering Damage - Thom Yorke
4. Possibility - Lykke Li
5. A White Demon Love Song - The Killers
6. Satellite Heart - Anya Marina
7. I Belong To You (New Moon) - Muse
8. Rosyln - Bon Iver and St. Vincent
9. Done All Wrong - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
10. Monsters - Hurricane Bells
11. The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf
12. Shooting The Moon - OK Go
13. Slow Life - Grizzly Bear
14. No Sound But The Wind - Editors
15. New Moon (The Meadow) - Alexandre Desplat

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