Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Geeky Post About End Credits Logos Post.

Danny Elfman once said that he loves watching end credits. So do I. The Ugly Betty end credits always end with the logos for Ventanarosa (Salma Hayek's company - the short, powerfully lust-causing one is one of the exec producers), Silent H Productions (fellow EP/developer Silvio Horta), Reveille, and Touchstone Television (if it's a season one episode)/ABC Studios (if it isn't). The thing that irritated me in my position as a credits freak is that Salma's company didn't have an actual logo in season one; it did from season two (a pink square opening up to reveal a starfield with "Ventanarosa" - Spanish for "pink window" - underneath), but in a nice bit of implied sexism/racism Silent H and Reveille took it in turns to have a full screen in one of the three logo slots at the end, while Ventanarosa had to make do with being shrunken down in one half of the second slot (the other half taken by one of the other two non-ABC companies).

So all hail "Sisters on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown," the first episode where the pink window got the full screen while the big H and the trumpeter (Reveille's logo is a bugler at sunrise) had to share. About damn time, and let's hope they can all take turns properly now. (And yes, I do realise that Reveille and Silent H shared in all of season one while "A Ventanarosa Production" got a card all to itself, but it didn't have the logo then.)

"Greg, move your head." (That's from Berlanti Television.)

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