Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Holy Frakking Schmitt Post.

Evil: I assume you have already seen the new Cindy bikini pics
Me: Oh yeah. :) Fucking amazing.

she's still got the ass that one
Too true. Favourite WWTDD comment: "Cindy may have dated washed up '90s actors, but at least it was in the '90s."

in case you were wondering..Opie and Anthony are American shock jocks

Thanks - I thought it was an Andy Griffith Show reference.

sooo plowable
Mmmm-hmmmmm! Bold was on by mistake but it still works.

Cindy Crawford, demonstrating again her ability to turn men into teenage boys. This is from the shoot for an Australian TV commercial, so expect the YouTube link. Many thanks to the source for these shots. No thanks to the all-too-obviously jealous commenters at another blog.

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