Saturday, May 09, 2009

The This Won't Go Down Well In Barbados Post.

Ken: Its always SO good to actually get nudity from celebrities we WANT to see naked ;-)
Cindylover1969: Specific names in mind?
didnt you get my email? behold... Rihanna :-)
more than i ever thought wed see of her
Good grief.
I only just got online so your email must have come when I was off.
well this is certainly something you want to be greeted by ;-)
True. But it would be a lot better if they were authorized (if you see what I mean).
i do indeed but im pretty sutre this is as close as well get so im gonna take what i can get and imagine coating that gorgeous dark skin of hers mmmmmm
Wonder how they'll react at home?
i imagine hitting the roof will be one option
Yes, it's a fairly conservative island officially (porn magazines haven't been sold there since 1990).
of course i imagine Rihannas concerns about that are less compared to how the record playing public reacts
we have a tendency to make women grovel for forgiveness here... just look at the shameful treatment of Vanessa Hudgens
But it's all blown over.
true but at the time Disney put her through the wringer and the American media lynch mob decided she was the root of all societys ills anyways time for bed unless these pics have you feeling as amourous as i am ;-) heh oh well night :-)

Doubts have been raised as to whether it is indeed her (in all the pictures, anyway - unlike the ones of Cassie, where it definitely is her), but either way it's kind of sad. (Cellphone hacking? Bad. BAD.) Warning: The link also has references to P*r*z H*lt*n. I'm awaiting the reports from Barbados - they pay very close attention to Rihanna there, as you can guess.

PS: If these are Rihanna, and they were indeed leaked in the footsteps of Vanessa Hudgens, Vida Guerra, Adrienne Bailon et al, maybe Chris Brown might have been involved as theorised. Git.

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