Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The In Memory Of Trouble Post.

Trouble, the cable channel that used to be The Children's Channel but gradually focused on teens and later on younger people in general (i.e. not older people), is being axed by Virgin Media - and repurposed for sister channel Living. The idea is that not content with having Living and Living2 AND having +1 channels for both of them, it'll eventually become Living3.

I have nothing really against Living - it may have contributed to the swollen ego of Tyra Banks (who, as The Soup pointed out, recognises that you can't spell "mentor" without "me") by running America's Next Top Model and Britain's Next Top Model, and it may have been a major player in the Jade Goody Affair, but any channel that brought UK viewers Charmed, The L Word, Veronica Mars and Boston Legal has to have something in its favour. Nonetheless, Trouble will be missed... aren't there enough lifestyle channels out there already?

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