Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Number Of The Beast Post.

Nothing Satanic here, it's just that this is the 666th post on this blog. So that mentioned...

If there's one thing that irks me about the celebslash series The Harem, it's that half the messages on a story group that I'm a member of are from people suggesting women to include. This is irritating for two reasons:

1. There's such a thing as staying power to consider (making an immediate splash is all very well, but being there for the long haul helps), and

2. Inundating poor Mr. B with requests gets in the way of women he himself might like to write about, and also robs requestees of actually contributing stories themselves. Okay, not everyone can put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as it were) but you can at least try.

Also irritating: people who don't have a TV and feel the need to lecture people about how superior they are for not having one, but that's another story. (Suffice to say this does not apply to Aria Giovanni, who posted on her blog about her lack of a box but didn't feel the need to condescend about it. A lesson many would be wise to heed.)

And now here are pictures of Jessica Alba, Mariah Carey and Laetitia Casta.

Good night, and may the good news be yours.


Lance Goodthrust said...

I remember at one point I thought the sun shined directly out of Laetitia Casta's ass.

Obviously I was wrong, that honor now belongs to Denise Milani

Cindylover1969 said...

In fairness, Laetitia has done (and still does) nudity.

Anonymous said...

Laetitia looks damn fine there.