Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Happy Birthday Rosanna Post.

Apologies to Tom:

She was my first love. She's gotten four of her finest hours out on Region 1 DVD with The Executioner's Song (and for all the complaining in some quarters that this isn't the version with her nude scenes, you get a clearer story out of it - so I think that's an even swap). She's a mother (of Zoe, illustrated above with her). She's been linked to more musicians than Pamela Des Barres (Steve Porcaro, James Newton Howard, Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney). She's inspired at least one song ("Rosanna") and possibly two ("In Your Eyes," aka The Song John Cusack Plays For Ione Skye In Say Anything...). She's been in way too many things beneath her (What About Brian? Oh man...), but she's scored some gems to boot. She wiped the floor with Madonna as an actress and as a beauty, and on Dirt and The L Word she wiped the floor with her in the field of same-sex kissing as well. She's still working. She's a fave of mine. She's 49 today. She's hotter than her younger sister. She's Rosanna Lauren Arquette.

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Anonymous said...

Her daughter doesn't seem to have inherited her mother's looks.