Monday, March 17, 2008

The It Figures Post.

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You know what they say about the child being the father of the man.

Pushing Daisies and Gossip Girl, coming soon to ITV1 and ITV2 respectively. And already a clash with the latter what with it being on the same night as My Name Is Earl. Not at the same time (9pm for the one, 10pm for the other), but if they're being taped I can't honestly see Sharon - a big fan of Earl Hickey's travails - taking to a series like this. Repeats, please? (What am I saying? This is ITV2. They repeat EVERYTHING.)

STOP PRESS: Oh. Apparently they are on at the same time (both at 10pm). Wonderful. Thank goodness for ITV2+1, is all I can say. And, not for the first time, Channel 4+1. And, like I said, repeats.


I'm Butch said...

HA HA mine's high school! U SUK!

Anonymous said...

...Butch, be nice.