Sunday, January 27, 2008

The This Post Is Brought To You By Dania Ramirez Post.

Cindy: Gerry Kroll from Soundtrackers told me he's located a CD copy of Elmer Bernstein's Spies Like Us (which is entirely Paul McCartney-free, as a bonus).

Feltz: It costs $60, which even when translated into pounds is still a hefty amount for one disc (a rare one, admittedly).

Cindy: There's a copy on sale on eBay.

Feltz: On vinyl.

Cindy: This normally wouldn't be a problem for me (I don't really care about the physical format as long as I like the music, and when I'm world dictator anyone who brags about how much better vinyl sounds than compact disc will be compelled to smash up one record they own- of MY choice - per brag. The way I see it, shit in analogue is still shit).

Feltz: Nothing here to connect the turntable-playing stereo to.

Cindy: I'll probably wind up getting it...

Feltz: ...and it's still preferable to Buysoundtrax's trademark slow sevice. Better late than never, however.

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Anonymous said...

So how did this purchase end up turning out?