Friday, January 11, 2008

The 600th Post.

I decided to make a resolution this year... to buy all the specified albums on my Soundtracks To Get list down there. Mainly because I suck at exercising so resolving to go to the gym is out.

Being on Steve Sullivan's Glamour Girls group on Yahoo! is fun, not so much because of occasionally hearing from some of the ladies whose praises are sung but more because of getting introduced to Mystique women; first Jade Regier/Bianca (what is it with me and that name?) and now Jannah Burnham. Add to this Erica Campbell having modelled for them and I may have to link to that site.

Magazines to get: not Arena (though I do agree with Bar Rafaeli's claim that she's not a supermodel) or Esquire or UK GQ. More like Elle (the Alba!), Lucky (Hayden!) and Italian GQ (the Queen).

Finally... dear ITV1, are you really going to be showing Pushing Daisies at 11.30pm? Really?

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Anonymous said...

The ladies sometimes post at the Glamour Girls group?