Thursday, December 07, 2006

The midweek Weekend Update.

Cindy: TheRedCurtain on The Guardian's Comment Is Free blog, for his/her quote "Robin Hood sent four generations of my family to sleep simultaneously the other week and yet the Guardian calls it "consistently entertaining". More fun than anything that show turned up before I stopped watching it.

Feltz: Myself, for falling asleep while online. Again. No reflection on Mike; it's me. It's always me.

Cindy: December. My favourite month. Not long before we can say goodbye to this crappy year.

Feltz: Still no Christmas shopping done for Sharon, Zeta, or my secret Santa recipient at work.

Cindy: Getting to leave work early for my latest blood sample, thanks to my working near Muswell Hill and the blood clinic being near where I live. Which is nowhere near Muswell Hill.

Feltz: Having to give my latest blood sample. It didn't help that the drawing was delayed because I was even more nervous than usual. Haven't fainted yet, but dammit...

Cindy: Only four more episodes of Heroes to go before I'm caught up and can start visiting show sites (and Googling for Hayden again).

Feltz: Only four more episodes of Heroes to go before I'm caught up and have no more until mid-January!

Cindy: Tim Kring and Co. deciding not to get in the way of 24's return. Probably wise.

Feltz: Not done any writing yet this week. And that's my cue to exit...

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The Archivist said...

December is a pretty good month, yo.

I don't mind so much that you fall asleep man... but maybe you could tell me that you're doing so before you do? ;-)

(Yes, I know that's kinda hard, but damnit, I'm trying to be humourous here.)