Saturday, December 30, 2006


One of the best movies I saw in '86 was Lucas - a delightful story about the titular insect-loving geek (Corey Haim), the friendly girl he fancies (Kerri Green, whose subsequent career hasn't been as healthy as Courtney Thorne-Smith or Winona Ryder, both also in this flick) and the jock who's his supporter (Charlie Sheen). More sensitive than most teen movies, and also less song-driven than most of 'em; instead the movie went with a synth score from Dave Grusin... which probably explains why there wasn't a soundtrack album out at the time, but I taped off the main and end titles, and the rest of it got put out by Varese Sarabande's CD Club this year. It's very '80s, and unlike Jerry Goldsmith's Runaway it can't resist the bid to try and electronically duplicate acoustic instruments (of the brass variety), but the laid-back guitars and quiet keyboards reduce the fromage content considerably, and when you add Grusin's veteran compositional skills (he's been scoring movies since the late '60s, though not so much recently) it's vastly superior to yet another collection of songs, and a lot better than most synthesized scores. The peppy end credits appear twice (the other time as "In The Shower"), but I'm not complaining. Bold tracks have soundclips.

1. Main Title (2:43)
2. Lucas (1:04)

3. Maggie Drives Off (:44)
4. Montage (1:03)
5. Someone To Make Fun Of (:39)
6. Like A Hugh M & N (:36)
7. Because You're Nice To Him (2:11)
8. Montage #2 (:52)
9. King For A Day (:39)
10. Second Dance Tune (4:24)
11. Pizza Parlor (1:59)
12. In The Shower (2:09)
13. Running (1:51)
14. The Underpass (2:34)
15. To The Rescue (1:08)
16. In The Locker Room (:34)
17. Going For The Ball (1:49)
18. Hurt (1:12)
19. In The Hospital (1:13)
20. Lucas And Maggie Talk (2:16)
21. The Letter (2:01)
22. End Credits (2:08)


The Archivist said...

For some reason, titles like these of tracks in movies really bug me. I'm not quite sure why.

How do you feel about this issue?

Anonymous said...

My name is Lucas...I live on the second floor...