Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thanks, Basil: 1945-2006.

I may have mentioned earlier that things were going pretty well for me news-wise, but I had a feeling that something would happen. And something very much has.

Lukas Kendall posted this on the Film Score Monthly board this morning (UK time):


I'm very sorry to bring the sad news that Basil Poledouris has died after his battle with cancer. He appeared at the Spanish film music concert only a few months ago which is remarkable as he was quite sick at the time. I am sure the official obituary will be posted soon.

Basil was a really lovely man. He was genuinely warm and friendly and kind in addition to being so talented and productive over the years.

I'm still in shock as I knew he was sick but it is always hard to process this kind of news. So, I have more to say, but I'll do it later.

Terribly sad,


The Hunt For Red October. Conan The Barbarian. The Blue Lagoon. Lonesome Dove. Red Dawn. The first two Free Willy movies. Big Wednesday. On Deadly Ground. Robocop. Amerika. Starship Troopers. And this is a man who also had the kind of backbone to step back from scoring the kind of movies that he didn't feel anything for; not that I can blame those who do, but you don't get much of that integrity. He was a class act, and today's a black, black day for film music fans.


Read Christopher Lennertz's touching eulogy here.

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The Archivist said...


News like this always kicks me right in the gut.

I'm sorry you've lost someone you respected, Victor.