Sunday, November 05, 2006

Okay, this is getting freaky.

Yesterday I had on the Sing-Along version of High School Musical. This morning I actually dreamt about the movie; my own personal sequel, in which I went to see it in cinemas (it actually did get shown in cinemas in some parts of the world), the large girl who loved hip-hop dancing did an MC Hammer impression on stage and went crashing outside, and I went out there to console her on making a mess (for some reason I said that if I went to her place and did something like that, I wouldn't go and leave it - what kind of advice is that?).
The exact plot details, it being a dream and all, escape me now - but it involved a massive huge swimming pool, the school being linked to a mall, and most importantly me consoling Gabriella (I actually found myself in the film somehow) after it looks like she and Troy won't get to the callbacks. Anything involving me kissing Vanessa Hudgens repeatedly can only be a good thing... scientists, hurry up and invent that thing from Brainstorm that can record dreams and play them back. NOW.

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The Archivist said...

Victor, this was a wacky, but amazing dream.

Hopefully you'll get another one like it.