Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yes, but where the hell is "Heroes"?

It's time for another update on the US shows coming over here as more and more buys are announced to add to Hidden Palms, Lovespring International (both Sky One), 3 LBS, Falcon Beach (both BBC), Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, The Class, Betty the Ugly, Brothers & Sisters, Kidnapped (all Channel 4) and Shark (Five).

New additions:
The Black Donnellys: I figured Five. This is going to ITV2. (Like all their buys for the digital channels, this is likely to show up on ITV1 as well in their usual 11pm slot.)

Raines: ITV3. (I'm surprised the BBC didn't get this, what with Monk - which explains, perhaps, their sharing Psych with Hallmark. Then again, since Jeff Goldblum apparently had some problems with one of the BBC reps at the upfronts...)
Runaway: As predicted, coming to 4. Please don't suck.
Men in Trees: I said it would be Hallmark or Living. It's Living.
Six Degrees: Surprisingly, ITV bought this and aims to have it on the flagship channel in primetime (ITV almost never gives imports a fair crack of the whip before 11pm).
Justice: LivingTV, adding to their long list of Bruckheimer shows (Living also shows CSI, CSI: Miami, The Amazing Race and Close To Home).
Jericho: Shared by ITV and Hallmark.
Vanished: Five. Like I said, more of that Prison Break action, and it'll also help with Five US (their digital station with loads of US content).
Smith: ITV4.
Happy Hour: LivingTV. They'd better hope it doesn't get chopped early like Out Of Practice.
Standoff: Sky One.

Of course, if any of these get axed early enough they might not be shown (Five bought Costello years ago - it was the first show of its season to be cancelled, and they never showed it, not even at 4:35 am; this fate hasn't greeted Sex, Love and Secrets but it may yet happen to South Beach). And dammit, where's Heroes? I refuse to believe UK buyers have taken shows with Anne Heche and Ashley bloody Scott but not Hayden Panettiere.

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