Friday, July 21, 2006

While Butch is over at the Convention...

Cindy: Cindy. For once my timing's good; pictures of her out shopping in attire that some have complained about but which I don't mind, and the very next day in the post below making Eva Mendes look unattractive in comparison. Not easy.

Vanessa: July 21. Two years to the day since the great Jerry Goldsmith passed away. (That summer was not a good season for fans, since David Raksin and Elmer Bernstein also left.) We'll always have the music, though.

Cindy: Not the slightest urge to call work all week. Completely relaxed. And my next holiday is a lot sooner to wait for than this one was.

Vanessa: The Comic-Con. Why didn't Butch tell me that composers from the fabulous Justice League Unlimited (and Teen Titans) were there as well? Not that I'd have come, but at least I could have posted in advance.

Cindy: Superman Returns. Okay, a climactic face-off between Superman and Lex Luthor would have been nice, and Kate Bosworth is no Margot Kidder (or an Erica Durance, come to that), but when you have a movie that lasts two and a half hours and feels shorter you've done something right. And no tie-in songs (Fantastic Four, Daredevil and all three Blade movies please note).

Vanessa: The War At Home. Not even the daughter makes it bearable.

Cindy: The weather. If I liked picnics, I'd be in heaven. Do you like picnics?

Vanessa: Varese Sarabande. Not for uncharacteristic delays with Stargate: The Deluxe Edition (unless it's a double-disc edition, I'm not interested), but for taking forever with my CD Club order... sent through at the end of June and still not done yet. Must be a long, long queue.

Cindy: We have established that the going rate for a date with Jessica Biel is $30 000.

Vanessa: The exchange rate between the dollar and the pound isn't that good.

Cindy: My Prozac arrived! And I can finally get the Metformin to go with the Lipitor, since I've almost reached the end of my excess of the latter. Hopefully they won't send me too much of the latter this time.

Vanessa: Lily Allen. While you can't judge feature scores from 30-second soundclips, it only takes snatches of this bint's summer chart-topper for me to decide that even linking to her MySpace, as I was going to do, is giving her extra promotion. Sound of the summer? Not MY summer.

Cindy: Sharon got the files from her old PC off intact, from someone who unlike the last person she saw at PC World knew what the hell he was doing.

Vanessa: Back to work on Monday, where one of the prettier people is off on holiday herself...

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The Archivist said...

I don't even like Bosworth that much, but I prefer her to Kidder.

$30,000 for a date with Jessica Biel? Damn!