Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I love vacations. I love summer vacations. What I don't love is endless headlines about how hot it is, how it's hotter than South America, how we might be getting power cuts... you would think, given how old this country is, that people would expect it to possibly get, you know, HOT in the summer? Just because it can and does rain a lot in the summer months doesn't mean it always does. Gah.
Anyway, on the upside I
a) managed to get my latest eBay goodies paid for without the risk of sending my account into minus figures,
b) didn't get into any arguments with Zeta while she was over here,
c) caught up with Lost and Ghost Whisperer (shameless sentimentality, an unequivocal belief in the supernatural, Aisha Tyler, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Needless to say I shall not miss any episodes - better JLH than Derek Acorah) and bade farewell to Alias, and
d) sweltered at home and outside. So much water, so much sweating, so little desire to move.

The downside? Let's just say you should never eat four diabetic chocolate bars in one sitting. No headaches, but... they maintain your insides, let's leave it at that.

And they're still doing it now. Gotta dash...

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The Archivist said...

Congrats on the eBay thing. As for the weather, I understand your pain. We have a lot of heat in summer.