Thursday, November 24, 2005

The next and last part.

"You're wanted by Mr. Herbert," the girl grinned at me.
It had to be bad news. The crawling little creep was every teacher's pet, and she never looked at anyone that way unless they were being called on the carpet. And I had been slipping a bit in a couple of classes; maybe he just wanted to give me a warning. That always worked.

My misplaced optimism vanished the minute I entered the headmaster's office. He was sitting behind his desk, tapping a large envelope, and giving me an expression that indicated I was not about to like what he was going to say.
"Young man, I'm not one to waste words," he said calmly, and upended the envelope. Out dropped a glossy magazine that I recognised immediately; one of the kind that had buff young men on the cover. There was what looked like a bookmark sticking out of it - he pointed to the mark.
Opening it, I saw a double-page spread of myself on my front, looking at the camera and smiling with my ass spread apart, letting the readers see everything as a climax for the preceding several pages. So Bradley had sold them...
"One of your classmates has a parent who reads that... material," Mr. Herbert said. "Apparently you've been making a habit of that around here."
I said nothing.

"I suppose your parents have no idea?"
I still said nothing. But it was true; they didn't. Or at least, I thought they didn't.

"You'll have to leave this school, of course," he continued.
I just nodded. I should have known this would happen sooner or later - this was a small place, and it was amazing that my secret reputation as the boy the other boys wanted hadn't come out before now. Maybe because I had been making shy overtures to girls, and getting turned down - making me look like yet another frustrated horndog.
I wasn't looking forward to the next few days. I didn't know who'd spilled the beans, and I didn't care. I just knew I had to get out of there.

* * * * * * * * * *

"So where are you going to go?" Terry asked me. "Thrown out of home, thrown out of school..."
"Oh, I've got somewhere to go," I said, smiling shyly. "Have a look." I handed him another magazine. "It was the last one I did around here before they found me out."
Terry looked inside, and his eyes widened. "Your first with another guy?"
"Yep. It was fun... and it wasn't all posed."
"You're turning into quite the slut, kid."
"But it's fun to be wanted," I admitted. "The editors said they keep getting letters wanting to see more of me, and I did get asked about..." I couldn't help smiling. "...about making a video."

"And are you going to do it? You go this way you won't get any action with girls..."
"Oh, I will. I want to be fully bi on screen."
"But have you ever fucked a girl in real life?"
I had to admit I hadn't.

That was four years ago, and to this day I still haven't... not yet. But I kept posing now that I was out of the island, and I've been busy in front of moving and still cameras ever since. And the fan mail keeps on a-coming; teenage boys saying they knew I was gay when they saw me, married men who say they think of me when they're fucking their wives, wives who think of me when they're with their husbands. And bi's who love how I don't mind sleeping with either sex on screen or in magazines. And letters from Bradley, who stayed behind (I never told them who took those first pics, and the magazines refused to rat him out - he gets 10% of what I get).

And letters from girls who think I'm wasted on men; they want to change me.
They're wasting their time... like I said before, if I make guys happy, that's fine with me.
Like JK here; I met him a couple of years ago - we've been friends for a while now. Last year we started seeing if friends could sleep with friends and still remain friends.
My friend's on his knees in front of me now... ohhhhhhhh.... mmmmm.... good boy.

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The Archivist said...

Wow. I did not expect this story to conclude in this manner. However, it is a brilliant ending, well written.