Monday, November 07, 2005

Hope she means it this time.

This weekend I spent some time with Sharon. Good woman, sensitive, caring, some weird taste in entertainment (she liked The Cat In The Hat. The abortion with Mike Myers, that is) but fine all round; she can be a bit of a jerk sometimes but that's family for you. Anyway, she told me that she wants to (drumroll)... finish it with the BBC. (That's the name I've decided to give her bf, since just thinking about his name makes me want to rip my own eyes out in rage; typing it would mean I'd be dead before I finished this post. And why "the BBC"? Because of their handling of Rome (too long to go into now; info , response and more company-line... er, response here), among other things.)
Anyway, Sharon's said such things about the BBC before, and it didn't come to anything. But hopefully she'll mean it this time, especially since it ties in to November 5th. For many people in the UK, the date signifies the unsuccessful attempt to blow up Parliament and the subsequent excuse for loads of fireworks and burnings of effigys of Guy Fawkes (one of the conspirators). For Sharon and the other members of the family, it'll always be the date she miscarried and lost Lena Rose (although she told me she feels it's actually on the Tuesday nearest that date, since it was on a Tuesday that it happened). Remember, remember the fifth of November indeed.
However, the BBC hasn't been the most thoughtful person ever about it - I admit it bothered me a bit a year or two ago, but I know she still has to feel it, and I know she'll always have something missing where her firstborn daughter should be. But for him to tell her she needs to get over it... especially since he was the child's father... you would think he, of all people, would not be so fucking insensitive.
I've always thought the BBC was unceasingly cuntish anyway, but this is a low. I really hope she does snap it off with him.

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Oh, that is really insensitive. Losing a child through miscarriage, especially your first child, is not something easily gotten over!