Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm going to get MuffinMan to post more if it kills me.

List-time again... I'm due to send MM my top picks for the past year, but rather than write to him I'll post them here, so's you can all watch it develop Before Your Very Eyes. First off, the upper reaches, the Top 10 for what the House of Mouse likes to call MMV:

Cindy Crawford. Well, duh.
Jessica Alba. More or less see above.
Monica Bellucci. Regardless of her actual age.
Hilary Duff. Even though she's been legal under various State laws in the US since 2003, this year I can finally include her without the Man of Muffins complaining.
Mariah Carey. Yes, still.
Gwen Stefani. No matter how hard I try.
Jennifer Garner. Even after Elektra.
Laetitia Casta. Also yes, still.
Britney Spears. Because I owe it to her.
Rosanna Arquette. Because she was my first. And she's still a dish.

Jessica Biel would unquestionably have made the Top 10 had Esquire not anointed her. But she'll be in the B-Team. MuffinMan, over to you...