Saturday, June 18, 2005

Props to Butch and the Flipper fans.

Because they knew about Jessica before the Dark Angel folks did. (First stage Alba fans: Along since she played Maya. Second stage: Along since she played Molly. Third stage: Since she played Max. I'm third stage. Fourth stage: Nancy.) I don't know if Butch was along before or after 2000, but if it was that time he knew before the rest of the world did.

No props whatsoever to the Babe Index.

And even less to DrBlasphemy.

Hopeful props to Western Union and my little sister, and semi-props to the weather.

And that's the end of that chapter.


All Hail King Butcher! said...

Right before the beginning of the second stage. JLH had been queen for about five years, and I went to see some flick and they played the Idle Hands trailer and that was the end of that. Even now when I hear the Offspring cover "I Want To Be Sedated" I think about getting a boner.


Misty water-colored memmmmmmmmorieeeeeesssss...

The Archivist said...

The Babe Index has crashed... damn.