Sunday, June 26, 2005

I am NOT going back to terrestrial.

This weekend finally saw the heat break and drench Glastonbury. No great loss - camping. In the countryside. For a weekend. At a music festival. It ain't Aimee Mann's idea of fun, and it ain't mine.

This weekend also saw rain come tumbling down in London. I'm used to getting wet without an umbrella.

This weekend also saw piece of shit don't know their left hand from their right asscheek keep me hanging on the phone for 45 minutes fucking useless corporate entity NTL continue to screw around with my digibox. Ever since I moved into Kenton Road it's been one ballsup after another; first they bring over a whole new digibox instead of just re-installing one of the two that I disconnected before leaving the old place (even though I specifically asked them to do so). Then the guy who does it leaves without taking the two old boxes (which is partly my fault, I admit, because I didn't remind him in my excitement at finally getting back to the world of cable). Then the remote control starts to not work any longer. Then they continue to mess up the bills meaning I keep having to ring them up and sort them out (no, I only have ONE box connected around here you feckless morons... only minus the feckless morons bit; flies, honey, vinegar, you know).

Then the box starts to not pick up most of the channels - UKTV ones, for some reason, come through fine. But Sky One? No. Toonami? Uh-uh. CNN? Hell no. Bravo? Forget it. And as for the movie channels... and yet, the QVC-type channels are unaffected. This is a travesty.

So after I call them again (NTL: key factor in my top-ups being more frequent than I'd like) they arrange to have an engineer come over today. Today comes; the guy's due between 12 and 4. The phone rings around quarter to two; they're at THE OLD ADDRESS. Apparently piece of shit etc etc NTL's Customer Services department never logged in my new address. (Just as they never logged in the engineer's appointment originally - oh, did I mention that the guy didn't come the first time?) And now, thanks to those piss-brains, they won't be able to come until after three working days lets them register the address, so I'll have to ring them on Wednesday and make another appointment for this weekend coming and if they don't sort it out by then I'll probably just tell them to fuck off and have Sky put in again.

Unsurprisingly, there were a lot of people phoning them last night.

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The Archivist said...

Jen finally gets her cable sorted, so your cable fucks up. This is not good.