Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Water, water everywhere

Okay, so I spent all day at home today due to my having been hit with a bit of bug and being understandably unwilling to go to work on Monday. This was a good thing as it turned out, because the pipes in the upstairs flat burst again.

Every time this happens, dirty filthy H2O drips into either our kitchen or our bathroom. And drips. And drips... Sharon's told the people responsible, but it's like they're waiting for the roof to fall in or something. And thus was our bathroom given its own personal downpour again today. While it's a blessing I was actually at home (I hate to think what would have happened if the place had been deserted), it ain't fun putting down paper and buckets for hours and hours and getting unwanted audio effects while watching your videos of 24 and Nip/Tuck. Especially when you're getting over a bit of flu and thus best advised to avoid getting your damn feet wet...

The worst thing about it was that I wanted to add at least a little something to my Monica Bellucci tale. F.U.C.K.


The Archivist said...

Who do you watch 24 and Nip/Tuck for?

Sorry about the water, man, I hope it gets sorted quick.

Cindylover1969 said...

I don't watch them "for" anybody - they're good on their own.

The Archivist said...

Ah. You appreciate the episodes for the episodes.

I can appreciate that.